Sofa Cleaning Manhattan

Sofa Cleaning Manhattan

Nothing Like a Clean Sofa

At Furniture Cleaning NYC, we offer a completely professional sofa cleaning service that removes the toughest stains and most embedded dirt from your cozy place. 

Over time, due to heavy usage and traffic, your sofa starts to show obvious signs of use and wear. Over accumulation of dirt, set-in stains, and built up allergens and germs lead to a less than appealing place to rest, as well as, serious damages in the future. 

We take pride in delivering you with a complete cleaning service that removes the messes and risks effectively and professionally. We employ only well trained and highly experienced technicians to work with your sofa. 

Our service comes with the help and advice of our knowledgeable staff and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Powerful Products, Proven Cleaning Methods

When you choose us for your sofa cleaning service, we work diligently and efficiently to leave you with a deep clean that lasts. 

We use only the best available equipment during our cleaning methods. We also offer a choice of cleaning method to suit your sofa and its needs the best.

We use your choice of either traditional cleaning agents or a unique line of green cleaning products. Our cleaning products work deep into the cracks, folds and crevices of your sofa. They wash away the messes without threatening the original qualities of your sofa.

When Furniture Cleaning NYC finished your professional sofa cleaning service, you’ll enjoy a deep clean that lasts. 

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